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Meet LTH Software at Embedded Conference Scandinavia Syd March 10-11 in Malmö


LTH Software (programvaruportalen) have three contributions at Embedded Conferences Scandinavia Syd in Malmö, March 10-11

March 10 at 11:00 Research Directions in Stream Computing (Jörn W. Janneck)

The processing of streaming data poses some of the greatest challenging in designing, architecting, and building embedded systems, as many of the processing cycles, the storage, and the communication bandwidth are spent on handling streaming data. Traditional architectures, tools, programming languages, and design methodologies are often a poor match for building complex stream processing applications, which has given rise to a rich and growing field of research in these areas. I will discuss some of the challenges in implementing complex streaming applications on modern diverse computing substrates (often comprising multicore CPUs, dedicated hardware accelerators, and programmable logic), and some of the approaches that are being taken to address them. 

March 11 at 09:30  On Distributed Cloud-Based Knowledge Bases for Small-Batch Assembly (Anders Robertsson)

A presentation of ongoing research involving design and evaluation of different architectures for providing knowledge-based solutions in industrial robotized automation systems. The conclusions are that distributed, cloud-based approaches offer many possibilities, in particular for knowl- edge exchange and reuse, and facilitate new business models for industrial solutions. However, there are many unresolved questions yet, e.g., those related to reliability, consistency, or legal responsibility. There is a definite need for further research and better infrastructure before this approach would become attractive for industrial actors.

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