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EASE Project Summery: Highlights from a decade of EASE


Download a short summery of the EASE project: 
Final report 2008 – 2018: Highlights from a decade of EASE

Year 2008 visions
to the year 2018 world

In the fall of 2007, industry and academia partners together wrote a proposal. “Based on emergent needs in industry for knowledge and skills, an Industrial Excellence Center for Embedded Applications Software Engineering is proposed.” The center was established in the fall of 2008 and has now operated for ten years, with collaboration and joint funding from industry, academia, and Vinnova.

The final year of operation – coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Software Engineering as a dicipline – concluded with a workshop. In a panel discussion, industry leaders unanimously confirmed the importance of industry-academia collaboration on software engineering to ensure their companies’ needs for new and renewed competency. 

Competency provisioning is – to a large extent – a regional eco-system. Companies want to hire well-educated students, getting good education at the universities, which in turn requires good teachers, being on the research front, which requires industry contacts to ensure relevance of the research. Research funding and industry champions are critical sources of fuel for the eco-system, and EASE has been such fuel for the regional eco-system in southern Sweden.

Software engineering has still many challenges to address after 50 years of research, and the needs for competency has increased during the duration of the ten years of the EASE center. We, at this point, close the center in its current form but keep working to gear up research and collaboration activities to meet the continuously growing needs in industry for software engineering knowledge and skills.


Lund and Karlskrona,
February 2019

Prof. Per Runeson

Prof. Claes Wohlin

Download a short summery of the EASE project: Final report 2008 – 2018: Highlights from a decade of EASE