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Theme D


January 2010 update

  • The main part of the work within Theme D is devoted to the ongoing interview study on challenges and opportunities in RE+V&V-alignment. The goal of the study is to investigate the current situation in industries regarding the alignment between requirements and verification and validation. In particular, we are interested in the current practices, challenges, benefits and improvement suggestions of the alignment. During Q4, we have conducted:
    • 6 additional interviews at SEMC (13 in total),
    • 3 at BAE systems Hägglunds,
    • 3 at Bombardier.
    • 4 interviews have been transcribed (11 in total transcribed),
    • 11 interviews have been coded, and analyzed.
  • The 16th of November, an internal workshop had place at LTH to find a common way to perform the data analysis of the interviews.

Planned activities:


  • We are currently writing a conference paper (REFSQ2010) with partial results from the 11SEMC interviews, planned to be submitted on January 15.
  • Introduction of new PhD students (Markus Borg, Elizabeth Bjarnason).
  • Theme D workshop in Lund January 18