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Theme C


January 2010 update

Finished Q4, 2009:


  • A paper on views on software qualities in an outsourcing situation has been submitted to a conference. It is investigated whether the view on software qualities at the product owner corresponds to the view held by two firms being used in an outsourcing situation.The systematic review on open source in commercial software development has been updated.
  • The article Ingres' transformation from proprietary to open source has been updated and submitted to a conference.

Ongoing Q4, 2009:


  • A case study resembling that of Ingres' transformation is currently ongoing with Android, and discussion are held concerning a similar study on Symbian.Continuous discussion with Sony Ericsson regarding priority and management of softwarequalities.
  • A systematic mapping study and review regarding agile methods in a global context are currently being documented to better understand how agile methods can be applied in a distributed setting.
  • Research on trust in global software engineering has been ongoing. A paper will be submittedto a conference in January.



  • A meeting on the possibility in using agile methods for end-to-end development and not only in the implementation phase will be held with SoftHouse.
  • A study with the objective to learn more about decision support for deciding to developcomponents in-house, to buy them as of the shelf components, or to participate in an open source project is planned for 2010.