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EASE Activity Report 2010: Deliver, evaluate, excel


Starting up a research center takes time. The academic world has a focus on long-term research and industry must deliver fast to the market, which may cause friction in the collaboration. On the other hand, the academic values of afterthought, thorough analysis and thinking “out of the box” provide new perspectives.

The industrial excellence center, EASE, has after its setup 2008/2009 started to deliver. Industry visitors to academic seminars and workshops, and academia long- or short-term visitors to industry, provide a constant flow of challenges, ideas and solutions. The results manifest themselves in prototype products, improved software engineering practices, research papers and graduated students. From the industry perspective it is an enormous advantage to get the day-to-day relation with the academia. New relations are established to influence and vitalise both the research and industry.

This is not ordinary self-praise from the center leadership. The year 2010 has also been a year of evaluations, which have given outstanding credits to EASE. The board of directors evaluated the industrial value in February, the Scientific Advisory Board did their evaluation in October, and Vinnova evaluated the center from an industry-academia collaboration point of view in November. All three evaluations were positive, and you can find some statements from the reviewers in this report. 

In addition, from a pure academic point of view, both Lund University and Blekinge Institute of Technology are ranked among top 10 worldwide in JSS ranking of software engineering scholars and institutions. Counted together, we would be number 2 on the list. And EASE is Lund and Blekinge together, so now it is time to excel, and take the lead!


Per Runeson,
Director of Research


Knut Mårtensson,
Chairman of the board