EASE Conclusion & Evaluation 15–16 October

Part 1: Public workshop 15 October at 13.00-16.00 Medicon Village in Lund

Part 2: Internal retrospective evaluation 16 October 2018 outside Lund

To the tentative programme for active EASE participants 15-16 October. (Registration now closed)!

Please contact if you have any questions – or if you like to contribute to the programme.



Recent EASE Publications

7 challenges for 10 years

  1. Multi-purpose architecture
    to find a logical architecture of flexible and networked embedded systems
  2. Dynamic resource utilization
    to find principles and mechanisms for dynamic utilization across the system architecture
  3. Trade-offs  between actors
    to find instruments to balance trade-offs between operators, suppliers, requirements and resources
  4. Homogenous user experience
    to give a homogenous user experience in an open and flexible environment
  5. Distributed development
    to improve the distribution of development of products and services across projects, sites and companies
  6. Information management
    to find new approaches for management of information, versions and variants
  7. Industry-academia research model
    to develop industry-academia research models for mutual benefit for involved parties