EASE - Embedded Applications Software Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, LTH



Master's Thesis Project at SERG

Master Thesis Proposal: Network Analysis of Apache Software Foundation Source Code Repositories (2 students)



Stor nyfikenhet på misslyckade IT-satsningar

Intresset var stort när användbarhetsledaren Sigrun Tallungs gav en unik inblick inifrån Polisens misslyckade



Lund University Global #1 in Empirical Studies in Software Engineering

A short paper that was presented at the ongoing ESEM conference i Torino, Italy has investigated what universities and



Nydanande mjukvaruforskning prisas internationellt

År 2004 presenterade en grupp forskare en helt ny metod för att automatisera kravhantering, ett centralt område inom


Recent publications

7 challenges for 10 years

  1. Multi-purpose architecture
    to find a logical architecture of flexible and networked embedded systems
  2. Dynamic resource utilization
    to find principles and mechanisms for dynamic utilization across the system architecture
  3. Trade-offs  between actors
    to find instruments to balance trade-offs between operators, suppliers, requirements and resources
  4. Homogenous user experience
    to give a homogenous user experience in an open and flexible environment
  5. Distributed development
    to improve the distribution of development of products and services across projects, sites and companies
  6. Information management
    to find new approaches for management of information, versions and variants
  7. Industry-academia research model
    to develop industry-academia research models for mutual benefit for involved parties

Industrial partners

Sony Ericsson, LTH Region Skåne Softhouse